1. How much does it cost to rent out the facility?

a. It depends, different rooms and different times and days have different rates. It is best to phone or

email the office with your requirements and we can quote you a price. You can use the form on this

website by clicking on the contact tab.

2. Can I bring alcohol?

a. Yes, but your insurance must include coverage for alcohol. You may also need to

3. Do I need security?

a. If you have alcohol and teenagers, yes.

b. If your event is open to the general public, probably.

c. There are other situations which require security; the office will be able to direct you.

4. Do I need insurance?

a. Yes! You need to provide $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate of liability insurance

5. Can I bring my own caterer?

a. Yes! We will need to get the caterers insurance and proof that they are authorized to prepare food.

6. Can you recommend a caterer?

a. Yes! We have a list of preferred caterers who already have their paperwork on file with our office.

7. Can we bring our own food and cook for ourselves?

a. Yes!

8. Do you provide kitchen supplies?

a. Yes! We supply dishes, flatware, glasses, coffee urns and water jugs. Nothing we have is very fancy.

b. We have enough for at least 50 people but not for 100.

c. We do not supply linens.

d. We do not supply pots and pans or cooking utensils.

9. Do you provide tables and chairs?

a. Yes!

10. Is there an Ice Machine?

a. Yes!

11. Is there outside space?

a. Unfortunately, we don’t have an area suitable for picnics or out side ceremonies

12. Do you have a b-b-q?

a. Yes! We do not provide utensils or charcoal.

13. Is there free wifi?

a. Yes!

14. Is there a sound system?

a. Yes! In the auditorium we have a very good sound system. It includes a DVD, a CD player, a large

b. In the dining room, we have microphone capability only.

15. Do you have stage lighting?

a. Yes! In the auditorium.

16. Do you need Masonic Affiliation to Rent our facility?

a. No